In Acrobatica we develop any project on an entire workflow of Sound Post Production
for Cinema, TV Series, Advertising, Corporate Videos, Web Videos…

Sound Design (Stereo & 5.1)

Our art’s highest expression, reflected in the creation, transformation and evolution of sounds, directed to serve the unique narrative of every audiovisual project. Our sound direction always goes hand in hand with the project’s thematic and descriptive needs. This is why we are responsible to lead, in coordination with the film director, every creative and technical aspect related to sound during all stages of the project. We design workflows, timetables, optimized budgets and technical documents in order to create our own concept that exploits the most of any possible sound expression.

Music and Scoring

Music is considered one of the most important layers of sound to accomplish an integral soundtrack that is able to dialogue, merge and breathe with the story’s narrative possibilities. When the processes of music scoring and sound direction are done together from the beginning to end, our projects achieve excellent results.

Direct Sound

Location or Field recording (direct sound) is the main source of material we work with. Yet very often, it’s very difficult, dangerous, or expensive to return to a specific location and recapture the only sound reference available. With that in mind, we have created alliances with professional sound recordists in Colombia and abroad, thus allowing us to be in complete control of the sound capture process, and guaranteeing the highest sound quality. By doing this, we have established an accurate communication and supervision channel throughout the entire sound department from pre-production to post-production, that allows us to work in the same direction and maintain a consistent sound design that further enhances your project’s story.

5.1 Film Mix

The last creative stage seeks the exploitation of the dynamic range and spatialization of every sound event. The final mixing and finishing for film such as DCP, demands a clear understanding about the needs and requirements of every broadcaster, digital content platform, or distributor. Thanks to our wide experience, this is one of our biggest differentiators that we have at our clients service.